Curricular Materials Resources

Puberty: The Wonder Years

  • Puberty: The Wonder Years™ provides puberty education for students in grades 4 to 6. The teacher-friendly lessons provide students with the knowledge, skills, and supports they need to delay sex as they focus on developing healthy attitudes and relationships. Engaging activities lay the foundation for growth into sexually healthy adults.
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National Geographic Society

  • The National Geographic Society offers curated collections of free, easy-to-implement resources, including many low- or no-tech materials, for K-12 learners. Explore the wonder of the world through engaging interactives and short lessons or take a deeper dive into a subject area with a complete unit.
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Vista School Resources - IDEAS for College and Career Readiness Plans

  • The IDEAS’ program unpacks high school expectations and helps prepares the path for post-secondary options. Lessons are powered by peer-learning to fuel exploration and collaboration and to instill classroom culture. Essential skills are developed to equip students to drive their own success. Contact us at 1-866-380-9820
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Success By Design Inc.

  • Success by Design is a student planner manufacturer that provides flexible character-themed planning solutions to prepare students for success in the 21st century.
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  • kid-grit is the perfect combination of social-emotional learning & mindfulness. We offer 25-hour, inquiry-based curricula, K-12, focusing on mind, body, connection, digital & social media awareness, and 21st-century skills. Ask us about our Educator Wellness PD and kid-grit: THE BOOK: 25 soul-searching stories from students across the nation.
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