Featured Panels and Symposia

Building Shared Knowledge: The Health and Well-being of Middle Grades Youth

Teachers, administrators, and policymakers recognize how students’ health and social-emotional well-being directly impacts their academic progress. Findings from international research has provided invaluable information about the critical nature of young adolescents’ health and well-being. In this session, middle grades researchers explain the research and describe evidence-based approaches focusing explicitly on young adolescents’ health and well-being. The goal is for leaders and teachers to have access to information to support the students in their schools and classrooms.

Pathways, and Perspectives of, Leadership at the Middle Level

Interested in middle level leadership but you’re not quite sure how to proceed? Curious of middle level leadership, but not quite sure? Join a panel of administrators from the AMLE Principal and Assistant Principals Constituent Committee in discussing pathways to leadership. The panel will pose a number of questions to be able to discuss with fellow participants, as well as panelists regarding the decision to gravitate to administration. In addition, participants will reflect with one another on their “why”.

Equity and Education: Navigating the Needs of LGBTQ+ Students

While belonging to the LGBTQ+ community can be a source of strength, it also brings unique challenges. As laws and policies continue to change, our public school officials must be responsive to meet the needs of all students and their families. This panel will discuss solutions for how we can address the disparities in our schools that impact academic achievement, attendance, classroom behavior, and graduation rates. Panelists will address how administrators, educators, and support staff can create equitable access to a safe and quality learning environment.

LGBTQ+ Youth Panel Discussion: Supporting our Needs and Hearing our Stories

All too often, youth whose identities are on the margins of our dominant culture go unseen. As well they oftentimes experience disproportionate discipline for being who they are. Yet, every educator has the power to create an environment that empowers, validates, and establishes opportunities for those who are unheard and silenced. This session will reflect on the personal stories of our youth to help shine a light on the harm and impact of implicit biases within the education system.

You’re a Teacher Leader – Now What??

Many teacher leaders are thrust into the position because they are excellent teachers and role models at their school. The administration has such confidence in these people, that often little or no training is provided. The AMLE Teacher Leader Committee (TLC will share best practices and tips for being a competent and confident Teacher Leader. We will give you immediate and relevant tools that will help you feel and be more effective in this role.

John Lounsbury and Conrad Toepfer – The Founders’ Visions

AMLE honors the founders of the middle school movement, and now presents prestigious awards in the names of two of the founders, John H. Lounsbury and Conrad F. Toepfer, Jr.  During the panel discussion, we will present the ideas formulated by Lounsbury and Toepfer in their quest to provide the best possible educational experiences for all young adolescents.  The co-presenters will illustrate concrete examples of how they put these ideas into the context of today’s world, showing how the original concept of the founders’ vision remains relevant and critical in meeting the students’ educational needs.