AMLE Presenter FAQs

We are so glad you’re interested in presenting at AMLE24! Please review these frequently asked questions to ensure you’re prepared for a great presentation on site. Have additional questions not answered here? Contact Helen Polansky at

When can I access the room?

You will have access to your room approximately 10 minutes before the scheduled start of your presentation. Note, there are only 10-15 minutes between each session so please end your session promptly at the scheduled end time to be respectful of the presenter that follows you.

What will be available in the room?

Concurrent, Spark and Tell, and Panel Sessions
Rooms include a head table, podium with a wired microphone, LCD projector, projector remote, screen, and audio sound patch. If you ordered additional audio/visual items they should be in the session room. If you are missing AV or need to order additional AV, please let your facilitator know immediately.
Speed Learning Sessions
You will be assigned one round table within the room with a capacity for 10 people. Electricity will not be provided to the round tables. If you plan to bring a laptop or device to use during your presentation make sure that the battery is fully charged as outlets will not be accessible to tables.
Snapshot Poster Sessions
Your poster and session QR code will be displayed in the Exhibit Hall. You do not need to stand by your poster for the entire conference, There is dedicated viewing time for attendees on Friday, November 8 from 9:15-10:15 am. Look for more information from Helen Polansky in August about how to submit your pre-recorded session video in advance of the conference.

Should I have the presentation available digitally, on a flash drive, or both?

We recommend having your presentation available on a flash drive to reduce the risk of technical difficulties. You may also upload your presentation materials to the conference app if you would like them to be shared with the conference attendees.

What can I expect for session attendance?

Breakout session rooms vary in size. We are not able to provide an average attendee/session because they vary so widely depending on the popularity of the topic, etc. If your room reaches capacity, an AMLE volunteer will be on hand to indicate to other attendees that the session is full. Please do NOT encourage attendees to pack into a room beyond the seats available. This can create a serious safety hazard for your fellow attendees.

Will AMLE print handouts for me?

No, AMLE does not provide complimentary printing services. There is a FedEx location on site in the conference center that can accommodate printing needs, however, AMLE strongly encourages all presenters to go green and consider uploading your handouts to the conference app instead of printing.

How long will the presentation be, and should it include time for Q&A?

Session lengths are as follows:

  • Concurrent: 60 minutes
  • Spark and Tell: 30 minutes
  • Speed Learning: 15 minutes (sessions are repeated 3 times over the course of an hour and attendees can move from table to table to attend different sessions over the course of that hour)

You may structure your presentation time however you think best presents the information. We do encourage engaging attendees as active participants in their learning, which can include time for question and answers.

Is there a recommended session format?

You may structure your presentation time however you think best presents the information. We do encourage engaging attendees as active participants in their learning, which can include breaking attendees into groups, interactive exercises, etc. Please do keep in mind the safety of your fellow attendees and the limitations of a conference room with tables and chairs. You may NOT affix any materials to the walls of the session rooms, including with tape or any other type of adhesive.

I prefer a different session time. Can I request a change?

If there are extenuating circumstances, you may email Helen Polansky to request a change of session time . Given the large number of sessions, we are not able to guarantee preferred times.

Why do we require presenter registration?

A hallmark of AMLE annual conferences is our large cadre of attendee, practitioner presenters – several hundred in fact! While we wish we could make the AMLE24 experience free to all, there is a substantial cost per attendee to hosting the event of this size. As a non-profit organization and membership community it is important that we make the event sustainable so that we can continue to provide top-notch professional development to middle level educators around the world.